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1265 Justin Moore - Caleb Ziebell North Coastal ZoneMcDonalds Country Championship2 1 Central Northern
2146 Charles Mitchell - Timothy Martin North Coastal ZoneBradman Cup1 1 Central Northern
2146 Graeme Batty - Mitchell Watterson Greater Illawarra Cricket ZoneMcDonalds Country Championship2 1 Newcastle
399 Jack Wakely - Lachlan Carlyle North Coastal ZoneKookaburra Cup4 1 Western
4117 Thomas Fitzgerald - Nick Smart Central North Cricket ZoneMcDonalds Country Championship2 1 North Coastal
597 Lachlan Dowling - Tom Connolly North Coastal ZoneBradman Cup2 1 Western
693 Joshua Mills - Blake Walker Riverina Cricket ZoneBradman Cup1 1 Western
787 Koda Sissian - Harrison Bayliss Western Cricket ZoneBradman Cup5 1 ACT Southern Districts
857 Adrian Chad - Joshua Geary Newcastle Cricket ZoneMcDonalds Country Championship2 1 Greater Illawarra
948 Nicholas Hay - Jack Heuston Central Coast Cricket AssociationMcDonalds Country Colts5 1 Newcastle

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